A Fontman In Font : Day 1

As i'm gonna spend my winter in font with no obligation and all the free time in the world to climb i decided to blog again . With the concept of being the first fontman to be in holidays in his home crag .

My trip began on the 13th of December of 2010 with what was the first dry day out in the forest after the melt of the snow a week earlier . So i decided to confront myself one more time to what is the first 8a of the history of bouldering "C'├ętait demain" in rempart . I had tried this problem a good amount of time and get shut down each time by what i consider to be a really hard 8a .

I finally got to climb it which was a relief and brought a great amount of joy . I'm pleased to be able to climb such a piece of history .

A Stephan Denys' picture of Jacky Godoff in C'├ętait demain . Jacky FAed the historical boulder back in '93 .