You Know You're A Mom When-sDaze

You know you're a mom when...
  • All dignity and modesty has gone right out the window because your tot regularly uses your boobs as armrests, often pulls and/or lifts your shirt down and/or up in public, you pee with an audience and have zero qualms about throwing away a poppy diaper away in a public place.
  • You hold doors open for other mothers with strollers because you've been there and it's difficult to maneuver even for the best of us.
  • You are able to tune out other people's children's outbursts. If it's not yours, you're not concerned.
  • Time passes too quickly when you're surrounded by friends and wine is involved, but moves at a snail's pace when it's just you and your child.
  • Believe all modern conveniences; Starbucks, your favorite sandwich shop, the post office and dry cleaner should be offered in the drive through variety.
  • Nothing brings you more joy than observing your child play, learn and grow on their own.
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