Why I Blog

This post is part of my homework for Week 3 (yes, it's late!) of Kludgy Mom's Back to School/Back to Blogging workshop. I chose the Idea Bank writing prompt #250: Why did you start blogging?

Before I started blogging, I only knew of a handful other mommy blogs and now, I have several fellow bloggers that I consider friends and have even started meeting in real life!

I truly admire the mommy blogging world and especially the moms with more than one child, that not only post something insightful, funny and/or thought provoking on their own sites everyday, but also find the time to visit other blogs and leave heartfelt comments. Natalie, (Mommy of a Monster) I'm talking to you! Seriously, girl, how do you do it?

I am trying to be better about finding time, not only to write, but visit other blogs as well. It's not easy with a 16 month old energizer bunny, but I'm trying my best.

My main purpose for blogging is for someone who can't even read yet - my son Lucas. These "letters" are a documentation of his life and a way for him to know me better.

I didn't have a great relationship with my own mother. We were never comfortable with one another and therefore didn't know each other very well. I harbor a lot of resentment towards my mother because I don't believe she really tried to be close to me and I am also full of regret for the things I should have said and done to improve our relationship too. When we know better, we do better, right? I never ever want there to be any distance or friction between me and
Lucas, so I hope that this blog will only help strengthen our bond.

I would have loved for my mother to have kept a journal for me, a recording of my milestones and the stories of her life. What insight that could have provided me now, not to mention terrific
conversation starters. I will admit that sometimes, I like to hide behind my words, but I know that face-to-face interaction is best. I learned that from my father, who was a great conversationalist and with whom I had a wonderful relationship.

I blog because it's therapy. Even if no one else ever read my words, I think I would still write them. Writing is a release for me. As well as sharing myself with my son and my readers, it is a great way to clear my head and get all the gobble-dee-gook
out of it.

I have never claimed to be a good writer or very articulate, but I am committed and try to be coherent and I feel like in the 14 months since I started Letters for Lucas, I have only gotten better.

I sincerely appreciate my loyal followers and all of your comments. The feedback I receive is invaluable, reassuring, kind and wise. Now, it seems I write for you too. Please keep the comments coming.

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