I Take It All Back

It's humbling to recall all the things you said you'd never do when you became a mom back before you became a mom and had responsibilities or an SUV or your house looked like Babies R Us threw up all over it.

Here are just a few of mine:

  • I swore I'd wait until Lucas was two (just like the American Academy of Pediatrics says you are suppose to) until he was allowed to watch TV. Yeah, right! Some days, I don't know how we survive without Elmo.
  • I always said I'd never feed Lucas French fries, but today it's all he's had because it's all he'll eat.
  • I never thought I'd ever take my child out in public wearing only his pyjamas, but it's happened. More than once.
  • I didn't want to be the parent that let their child run ammuck in a restaurant. Done that too. It was only once and it was on the patio and there was only four other diners.
  • I promised myself I wouldn't use bribery to get my child to do what I wanted him to do, but you know what? It works! Even on a 16 month old.
  • I said I'd never let my child's bottle/fork/spoon/sippy cup/food hit the floor without thoroughly washing it off before giving it back to him. Ever heard of the 10 second rule? I'm building his immunities.
  • I never wanted that lovey to leave his crib, but now that god damn thing goes everywhere with us and we have two back ups!
  • I always thought I could get Lucas on some sort of regimented schedule of feedings and naps. Whatever... I have given up on that!

Ah, yes, the great pronouncements we make when we think we know it all, the things that we end up having to take back. Turns out you only know it all until you actually become a parent.

One of the things I said I'd never do actually backfired on me and I'm grateful. I vowed to never give my baby a pacifier and even though we tried to force one on him, Lucas wasn't having any part of it. Thank you, God for small favors!

What are some things you said you'd never do?

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