15 Months

Could I really have a 15 month old?!

Lucas, you are growing and changing every day and have most notably in the last month become quite the whirlwind of activity and curiosity without any sense of danger or fear. The word 'no' has become the most used word in our home. To say that you keep us on our toes, is an understatement.

You are also turning into quite the communicator with a vocabulary of over 25 words. I am convinced that you understand everything that is said to you and have started repeating us a lot too. Guess I better clean up my trucker's mouth.

We have your 15 month check up tomorrow and as usual, I have a long list of questions to ask your pediatrician, such as:

  • What's up with the wacky naps, inconsistent appetite and horrific temper tantrums?
  • Will my child EVER drink from a sippy cup?
  • When should we start working on potty training (God, help me!)?
  • When will you be ready to transition to a toddler bed?

I am certain that the good doctor will tell me all is well and not to get so caught up in the growth milestones or what my friend's children are up to. Easier said than done.

This month also marked your first two skinned knees, another plane ride to visit grandma and grandpa in the Bay Area, the end of another round of Kindermusik, countless park visits, fun days in LA, the San Diego Zoo and Sea World and we also discovered one of our new favorite places, Kidsville!

Looking forward to see what 16 has in store.

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