Celebrating 41 Years

My parents have been on my mind all day.

It's always the milestone days that get me.

Today would have been their 41st wedding anniversary.

Theirs was a perfect match. Where he was weak, she was strong and vice versa. I don't remember them ever fighting about anything.



There were never any slamming doors or my waking up to loud yelling in the middle of the night. They were both very level headed and freakishly calm. They were educators. They knew how to talk and they knew how to listen.

Sure, there were disagreements, but they never lasted very long and I couldn't tell you what they were about. Perhaps they sheltered me from their arguments, but it seemed as though they knew the fine art of compromise and what ever came their way, they worked together...beautifully.

They were a couple to emulate and I wish that they were still here to celebrate today.
Here's to you, Mom and Dad.

The best is yet to be.