a matter of semantics

I did not take this one, for the record...

In the past when people have asked me what's on Lucas's ear, I usually would tell them that it's a cochlear implant and that it helps him to hear. I also typically use the word help with children, because it makes the most sense to them.

I've been thinking about it lately, and I don't believe that the word help does the cochlear implant nor profound hearing loss much justice. The cochlear implant doesn't just help Lucas to hear, it allows him to hear. Without it, he hears nothing. Period. There's no helping involved. Helping is like being half-way done and someone lending you a hand. Hearing with a cochlear implant is like going from zero to 95 with the attachment of a magnet. It's pure allowance.

So, today when the cashier at the coffee shop told Lucas she liked the flashy thing on his ear, then proceeded to ask me what it is, I told her it's a cochlear implant, which allows him to hear. She then asked me if he can hear without it. Nope. Then she asked me if he was deaf from birth, and commented on how amazing technology is these days (INDEED). She thanked me for sharing (which was nice). Conversation over and mission accomplished.

I guess it was a matter of semantics.