You Know You're A Mom When-sDaze

You know you're a mom when...
  • You curse the day you ever introduced your child to Barney, The Wiggles or Elmo.
  • You are not above bribery in order to get your kid to do, eat, go, pick up or just "be" what you want them to at any given time. I haven't started this yet with Lucas, but I have witnessed it and some of you moms are so GOOD at it, I might need lessons (Coreen!).
  • Your pediatrician and your favorite babysitter are on speed dial on your phone.
  • You aren't even phased anymore by being sneezed all over or getting poop under your fingernails and in fact, you have come to accept it as part of the territory.
  • 4000 of the 5092 photos in your digital photo library are of your child.
  • You're up at 10:00 showering, shaving, blow drying your hair, folding laundry and emptying the dishwasher.
  • You have read and re-read Where's Spot a gazillion times and your child is only a year old.
  • The sound of the word "mama" melts your heart every. single. time. you hear it.
I love putting these lists together each week. Thanks, AZ Mama at Our Daze in the Desert!

The best is yet to be.