Guilty As Charged

Where does a mother's guilt come from?

Guilt implies that you have done something wrong.

What's a better word for "guilt"?



What is it about being a mother that means you end up carrying so much of it (whatever you call it) around?

Does a mother's guilt ever subside or does it just grow and manifest with each passing year? God, help me if it is the latter!

I find myself feeling guilty almost every single day about something having to do with the way in which I am raising my son. I feel lost some days on this journey called motherhood and a lot of the time like I'm fumbling through it with very little direction.

At this point, I know what I'm doing. I mean, I have the basics down (I think). Lucas is a very happy, healthy 13 month old, who's well-dressed, well-fed, has a room of his own and a gazillion toys and other apparatuses to keep him safe and entertained, but yet, I still worry.

A lot.

I worry that he is getting everything he needs from me in the form of time and comfort, that he's being exposed to the right toys, books, foods, activities, amount of sunlight, etc., etc., etc.

We spend A LOT of time together. I worry about that.

I worry that he'll NEVER learn to drink from a cup. Every few days I try to get him to use a sippy cup and he plays with it like it's a new toy.

I've been known to stick him in front of the television for 30 minutes of peace and quiet and that causes me a lot of guilt.

Oh yeah, another thing to feel guilty about: We may have found a new nanny for my 10 hour a week break... she started today and so far so good, but lots of guilt there!

I feel guilty when I don't exercise or think I'm not taking the best care of myself because I waited so long to have a child that I feel like I owe him the healthiest fittest version of myself for as long as I can be here. Nothing like putting a little pressure on myself, is there?

The guilt is never ending and can be all consuming if I let it. I know I need to let some of this (most of it) go, but how do you do that? How do you handle the guilt that comes with being a mother?

The best is yet to be.

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