Cruel Summer

It's summertime? You could have had me fooled. It's already the END of July and I feel like I'm missing it completely.

We haven't been outside nearly as much as I thought we would this season and haven't done any of the other things I had planned in mind.

So far there has only been one
trip to the beach and just a handful of visits to the park. The BBQs have been minimal and trips to the pool have only been for swim lessons. There haven't been any baseball games, sundresses, Popsicles, rides on beach cruisers, strolls on the beach, boat rides, sunburns (which I'm actually grateful for) or lemonade.

The weather had a lot to to with it. It's been unseasonably overcast, rainy and even chilly this summer in San Diego and while I'd rather be cold than hot any day, it's just not summer without the sun...

...or a Dave Matthews Band concert
!! 25 days until we are sitting at Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre listening to my favorite band on the planet. I really do hope that it starts feeling like summer for me before August 20. I really need to get my act together or I'm going to regret it!

The best is yet to be.