baby nest

baby three will be here soon.
well… not soon enough in the pregnant count down.
but if i look at the calendar with a get-things-done perspective: 
i’m running out of time.

30 weeks pregnant with lucas jude:   full,  decked out nursery
30 weeks pregnant with gavin west:  clothes washed in dreft, carseat on order

baby three has a small drawer in my dresser filled with a few special treasures.
i’m anxious to make him a little nest.

baby nest

my mom says:  he’s going to be a wanderer -he’ll have an adventurous heart.
and all of the things i’ve found for him so far have this sweet earthy feel to them.
i love him so much already.
baby three is going to have a little spot in our bedroom.
and i’ve been imagining his sweet space.

i’ve got a little list:
1. this print above his bassinet called – the proud one
2. a cozy crocheted snuggle blankie
3.  mr. small - robot pillow
4. i + love + you wooden teether
5. reggae man – bob tee
6. the portland baby booties
7. the argington “bam” bassinet
8. a dachshund
9. a travelling bus suit – to satisfy his wanderlust for a bit

now all this boy needs is a name.