@#!%^ You! 1

I LOVE the idea of flipping stuff off, so I'm going to participate in this every Friday, as long as I don't have anything else worthwhile to share and I'm good and pissed off at something.

Thanks to Gigi at Kludgy Mom for creating this meme. I know I'm going to feel better after this rant.

In no particular order:

#1 There is an intersection by our house that no mater what time of day or direction I am going, I get stuck at the red light, which would be okay, except for the fact that I end up sitting there for 4+ minutes sometimes. I've timed it! This is especially fun when running late.

My husband and I un-affectionately call it the "punishment light". It's like going to confession (I'm not Catholic, but I have seen it done in the movies). I feel like I am meant to sit there for 4+ minutes and think about all of the horrible, no good, very bad things I have done all day. Stupid light!

#2 I'd like to flip off elementary school children, high school teens and college kids....anyone who gets their summers off to frolic and play. Oh, what I wouldn't give... I l.o.v.e. summers. I have always loved summer and I miss them, so screw all of you still in school with your free of responsibilities season. I hope you have a bitchin' summer!

#3 Our DVD remote control in our bedroom. Every night, it's the same thing... I have to turn the entire machine off at least once and sometimes TWICE in order to get to the main menu and play the DVD inserted. Novel concept, huh? Oh, this infuriates me to no end. Why can't shit just work?!

#4 I'm not saying any names, but I recently took Lucas to a very popular department store to have his one year portraits taken and I was assured that the entire session would be available on line "by the time I got home". It's been a week tomorrow and I have made four phone calls and sent an e-mail and have yet to see them. Apparently the Web site was redesigned in APRIL and they are still having problems with it. Luckily I bought our favorite pose, but c'mon people!

I know there's more where that came from, but for my first time, I'll leave it at that. Feels good, you should try it!

Happy weekend, everyone.

The best is yet to be.