Oh baby daddies! Happy Fathers day to you!

Whether you are the father of a baby or toddler, a teenager (then you really deserve a medal- haha!) or like my dad...the father of two sweet little girls in their 40's and fifties. Holy cow!!

You are a baby daddy. I can only imagine that as a dad your children will always be your babies to you, just like the mom's I know. I have had the great privilege and honour of knowing so many wonderful dads. My hat goes off to you dads! I love my momma's out there, but I sure love and admire those dads as well.

You rock parents! Somehow you all make it look so easy and I will never truly know your secret.

Til then, I'll just keep admiring you and supporting you every way I can.

Loads of love to you this Sunday on your "day of days!" Hope you get spoiled rotten whether your little munchkins are 4 or 40 or beyond