Just A Mom

It was one year ago today that we were discharged from the hospital with our new little bundle of joy. We were so excited to bring you home, but also couldn't help but wonder, what are these nurses thinking, are they really going to let us take you with us?

This photo was taken moments after we arrived home.
Somehow we survived that first day and night and every day and night since then. A whole year of parenthood!

A whole year of...

onesies, burp cloths, blankets and bibs
nightly feedings [sleep deprivation]
(mis)identifying cries
buying more diapers (or batteries) than we ever thought we'd need
discussing poop
checking in on you as you sleep
hugs and kisses
trying to make you giggle
proudly introducing you [showing you off] to our family and friends
taking more pictures than ever before
figuring out how to operate all the different contraptions and how they work to carry and keep you safe
calling you everything but your name
making ridiculous sounds, noises and faces
hanging out on the floor playing with you and your million toys
finding creative ways to keep you engaged, happy and above all quiet
beginning to trust our instincts

What a monumental year! Yay for us!!

Thank God the first year only lasts the first year.

Now that you are a year old, I suppose I can't be considered a "new" mom anymore, can I?

Now, I'm just a mom. :)

The best is yet to be.