I'm Losing It

Confession Time!

I hate to say it, but some mornings, I don't want to do this. Some days, I don't feel like being someone's mom.

I know I sound like a terrible person and even worse mother, but I think to myself, I don't think that I can make one more bottle, change one more diaper or prepare another meal for this kid.

I don't know if I can sit through an episode of "Play With Me Sesame" or read one more book.

I'm not sure that I can muster the patience needed to listen to the same toys belt out their all too happy songs over and over and over again.

I know that I can't hear myself say, "no" and "please don't touch that" One More Time or I'm really going to lose it and God forbid you whine... that is the kiss of death!!

Sometimes I think I would rather check myself into a super fancy hotel, put on a big comfy bathrobe, order room service and LOTS OF WINE and watch movies all day long. C'mon, ladies, please tell me I'm not alone in my thinking, doesn't that just sound like bliss?

But then...

You do something completely and utterly adorable and look at me with those eyes and I know that I have to put one foot in front of the other and be the best mom I can be because you're my child and I want to.

The best is yet to be.