Someday You're Going To Have A Wallet

Your dad and I get a kick out of talking about all the things you are going to do, be and have like; a wallet, a suit, car keys, a cell phone, a cup of coffee, your own apartment, a date, an interview, etc. and it makes us giggle. We only know you at nine months, so to think of our little nine month old Lucas having and doing all these things is silly and sweet.

You have so many firsts to look forward to!

We're trying to remember and document all of your first everythings, but there will come a day when you experience firsts that we won't be a part of. Really big, super exciting, weird and wonderful firsts like; your first day of school, the first time you tie your shoes, your first kiss, your first broken heart, the day you get your driver’s license and your first car (not necessarily the same day, mind you!), your first pay check, and many years down the road, the first time you truly realize your life is your own.

You will make decisions that will affect your entire life. We hope they will be good ones. You will make mistakes too, but if we've done our job, hopefully you will learn from them.

We want you to have every single opportunity that we had growing, travel and exposure to different cultures, as many pairs of sneakers you can wear out and books you can read, family game nights, vacations and open, honest conversations around the dinner table, a lifetime of warmth, security, support and the best of memories. In short, we want for you what any parent wants for their child: EVERYTHING! :)

That's not too much to ask, is it?

The best is yet to be.

Day 22/100