Strike A Pose

I haven't walked into a Sears in years. Okay, I take that back...over the holidays I was on the hunt for an ugly Christmas sweater for a party that we were invited to and I thought, if anyone would have one, Sears would. No luck. It turns out that they have really upped their game, but back to the point of my post.

Sears is an institution and has been around since 1925. I remember many trips there as a child to try on shoes, match up my Granimals, look at new washing machines with my mom, or buy a new hammer or other tool with my dad. Sears carries it all. Plus, what child born in the 70's doesn't remember drooling over the behemoth Sears catalog at Christmastime? Oh, how I enjoyed going through page by page to come up with my 'wish list'.

Growing up, Sears is also the place that my mom took me to have my portraits taken from time to time. Looking through my baby book, it's filled with pictures taken at Sears. They must have had a promotion running, where you can buy one photo and get a second one for free with no sitting fees. That's the same package I signed up for on Saturday after buying almost $400 worth of other shots! And you thought Sears was inexpensive. Me too! :)

Here are a couple of photos from your first Sears Portrait Studio session:

No baby book would be complete without a formal picture taken in overalls. The little dog in this shot was a gift from the hotel staff in Florence. You love this toy!

Blue eyes...enough said!

Wardrobe change. You can't crawl yet, but you can stand very well with support. I am off camera to the right of you, just in case.

I should add that it was after your photo shoot that you fell off a child size chair in the waiting area and not only bumped your head, but also somehow got a major scratch on your nose. Oops! I felt terrible, but was glad it was after your pictures had been taken.

The best is yet to be.