Social Butterfly

We were suppose to do a group activity today with our Mommy & Me group, but I just wasn't up for that yet, so instead we went to the park. It was your first visit and to say you loved it would be an understatement. Between watching the other children play and the dogs chasing balls and the nearby train zooming by, you were in heaven. There was so much for you to look at.

You were also thoroughly tickled over the swings!

Even though I thought I was sort of "hiding out" with you today, we had our first Doc Band inquiry as well. A little girl wearing a T-shirt that appropriately said "Social Butterfly" came right up to us at the park and asked me point blank, "Why is he wearing that helmet?" to which I replied after taking a deep breath, "The back of his his head is a little too flat so the helmet is going to help make it perfectly round like yours.". Easy enough.

She stood there for a moment and then said, "Well, he's not crying, so it must not be hurting him." and then fluttered off.

Good point.

The best is yet to be.