Hopes, Dreams & Wishes

Long before I ever thought I'd even have children and certainly long before I had you, I bought this little sweater. I found it at Old Navy, of all places. It was originally $16.50 and had been marked down to $3.99. The tag is still on it.

I thought it was adorable. Navy blue is my favorite color and I loved the heart with the arrow going through it. Something came over me and I just had to have it. I remember thinking at the time,
I'm no where near ready to have children, why on earth am I buying this?!?

It's simple and sweet really. This tiny little sweater represented something stupendous and wonderful to me. It represented where my life was going to be someday. Where my life, if I was lucky enough, was heading... True love, romance, marriage, children, baby clothes, bottles, blankets, giggles and a lifetime of memorable firsts and happy moments.

The sweater stayed safely wrapped in tissue paper in the back of my pajama drawer for years and Valentine's Day always reminds me that I have it. Until now, I have only shared it with one person...your daddy.

It's a bit too girly for you and I don't think you'd fit into anyway, it's a size 3-6 months, but it hangs in your closet, as a reminder to me of my hopes and dreams and wishes and the realization that they have come true.

I love you, baby. Happy Valentine's Day!

The best is yet to be.