big huge blessings

the new filter on my mom’s camera was making for very bright pictures today. very fitting though – as the realizations i’ve made for myself lately have included letting in more light. many blessings that are a very much available to me have been put off due to my own feelings of inadequacy and thoughts that maybe i am undeserving of such sweet love.

i decided to just ask one day. we were driving somewhere after gavin was born and i just threw it out there. i asked andrey if it would be alright with him if we had our new babe blessed. i expected him to blow it off as just a passing question. not realizing how heavy it had been weighing on my mama heart. instead he answered, “well we should probably have lucas blessed, too.” that simple. i just had to ask.


gavin west - month three


five gratefuls:
my tri-city-club family
the way lucas looked at me right before his blessing
holding my sweet gavin after his – such a fresh spirit
a husband who’s wishes for his boys are simple: to be happy
a deep rooted faith of things that i know are so very true

this is the start of something huge for me. i’m going to start asking for much bigger things.
love, lin