“it’s never too late to come on home” –michael franti

the spring sun had me feeling a bit rebellious last week. i cancelled all commitments, packed a quick suitcase, loaded my wee boys in the car and sang franti songs all the way to utah.

i’ve made several realizations about my life over the past few weeks. one very important one came to me while sitting at a table in the red room: i am going to say “yes” more. yes to things that i know i will love. yes to things that will make me happy. yes to things that remind me about who i really am. what kind of girl i really am. no more of this sitting back and watching these days go by wishing i was somewhere else. doing something else. being someone else. blah. blah. blah. {note to self: remember to elaborate more on this topic later}

so when my mom called on monday with a final reminder of the free franti concert… i said yes and we were in our car early the next morning. it was so worth it. a trip to home-sweet-home with no agenda. it was carefree. happy. yellow-guestroom-snuggly. without the list of to-do’s i somehow found time to visit all of the places i love. and the concert? true free-bird love. 
2009-04-30 frantiiiiday