collecting the prettiest of treasures to create the perfect nest... for you.

"your nesting. and it's driving me nuts" andrey said to me today. granted it was just after i'd asked him if he'd paint our bedroom, right now. after hanging a curtain rod for me. after sanding and painting a crib for us. after putting lotion on my feets. after rearranging our bedroom furniture. after paying for more fabric. after countless going-to-bed-lonely nights so i could stay up downloading perfect songs for the birth music that will meet this babe. after loving me big. waking up with me. putting up with me. getting me one more glass of water. one more dinner i.did.not.cook. i'm finally at three weeks {please only three more weeks} left to go, getting on his nerves. i'm a lucky girl and this belly/nest is ready to welcome a new love into our lives. well almost...
lindsay's journal - march eighth, two thousand and six - a letter to lucas jude's our three year anniversary. andrey and i. next year you will be nearly one - and very real to us. we will know your name - your face.
the countdown has begun. with every ache of my belly i wonder if you are on your way.
i lay in bed last night in utter amazement at my body's ability to grow you. everything happening as it should and your wiggles are evidence that you are healthy and safe. how did i learn this? to carry you and love you in this way? it's so incredible.
the house is ready for you. our hearts are ready for you. now we wait for you to be ready for us. i love you so, my baby boy. i can't wait to hear you. feed you. hold you. my body/belly will be so lonely for you. but i will love to kiss your cheeks instead. see you soon, my boy. love, your mama, lin

and here we are. nearly three years later and my boy is very much real to us. he's snuggled up in our bed after a day of chatting and laughing and playing and practicing abc's together. i know his face. his little boy voice. his scruffy blonde hair. his belly. his breath. my boy. do i even remember life before him?

here i am. growing my second little birdie boy. lukeys baby brother. and soon we will know his name. his hands. his baby eyes. and it will be like he's been here all along. we'll all fall asleep together each night snuggled safely in our family nest that andrey and i have created together...