what have i been up to while i should have been sleeping???

blasting some good tunes from my ipod and trying not to sing-a-long outloud while i sew the nights away.
mei-tai baby carriers for some very expecting mama's:
and a nursing cover complete with stow-a-way bag and matching burp cloth for a new babe:

they've all been packed up sweetly and are off to new homes. one will travel over the ocean and the others are just taking a little trip over the mountains. i hope they all meet healthy, happy, fresh babies when they arrive.
i've got a little somethin' up my sleeve. i've been inspired by the sweetest miss danyelle and her dandee shop. i'm thinking that i might throw a few of my projects up here on my bloggy and try my hand at pedaling my wares. what would you like me to sew up for you? what are your favorite fabric prints? do you have any advice?

now... should i go tuck myself in... or turn the tunes up louder?