"i'm foolish and crazy, i just think that maybe, i've got alot of things to figure out"-rosie thomas

i've been tagged. by miss j. six facts about myself and i've been stumbling all over them for the past few days. so much silly pressure! at this very moment i've got nothin'. so let's just get right to it and see what happens, shall we?

1. i would rather sleep on the couch than my bed. this could actually be a fact for most everyone in my family. i play this game with my mom on some morning phone calls. "guess where everyone slept last night." she'll say. i then proceed to match a name to every couch or squishy chair she's got in her house. we've even been known to try and go to bed in a bed only to crawl out in the wee hours to find an empty spot. don't get me wrong. i love my bed. it's comfy and warm and my two favorite boys are snuggled up there right now... but secretly i want to go grab my red plaid blanket and tuck myself in... in the living room.

2. i haven't bought a real girl outfit since lucas was born. wait. that's a lie. i've bought them... and returned them. i have yet to come to grips with this new after boy body of mine. not just come to grips with it... but do something about it. one plus years later. until then i feel so silly buying myself something pretty. i've thrown out my skinny clothes. thrown out my fat clothes. i'm left with a couple pairs of cargos and some sweats. this is not good, i realize.

3. um...number three...let's see...i'm a sucker for anything written in the font papyrus

4. i never return movies on time. ever. and netflix just won't cut it for me and my need for instant gratification. so i've just come to accept this as fact and so has my poor husband.

5. my senior year of highschool i took a dental assisting course. mainly because we got to leave campus. {i am at this very moment laughing out loud as i type} i had conviced my nearest and dearest miss lacie friend to take it with me. and i'm not laughing because i also convinced her to let me put sealants on her back molars but because she was the accomplice to a most horrible of crimes that year. i'm not sure if i'm allowed to speak on the subject due to matters of the law and everything... i'll just say that it invovled an apple, and a numbing agent. you'll have to ask her about the rest. and the sealants?! still there.

6. i have a four year old cousin named reno. and a twenty year old sister who answers to weenie.

now it's your turn...ashlee, my second cousin cathy, my sister natalie, miss roxana m., sweet amelia and of coarse the one and only weenie.