"you belong to a simpler time" -the shins

do you know that part in "garden state" when sam and largeman are sitting in the waiting room of the doctors office. she's got on those gigantic headphones and they've just met. she says that famous line, "you gotta hear this one song. it'll change your life, i swear." and then the tambourine beginning of "new slang" floods his ears. and yours as you're watching the movie. in that instant i added that song to my own soundtrack. i went to the movie in a theatre with a*love. it had been a compromise. my girl pick. in the end i remember we both just sat there through the credits. affected. back in the car we both said, "what was that song?" and off to hastings we went to purchase my first shins cd. in the soundtrack to lindsay's life this song starts playing the first time i see andrey.
this is my husband:
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we met at the mall.
he is handsome and has great hands. he is strong and smart and his heart is huge. he has lousy musical taste (except for the tiny comparment he's saved for led zepplin, pink floyd and the beatles.) he has a closet full of spendy jeans and fancy shoes. his accent comes out in full force when he's sleepy and he dreams in ukranian. his favorite place on earth is a little fishing hole he fished as a wee little ukranian boy. he works from sun up 'til sun down and would work more if he could. he eats onions like apples and garlic like it's candy. we are complete opposites. we clash. we argue. sometimes don't understand eachother. i don't know how we ended up together.
i had this dream the other night. i was at this big celebration in a big room full of people i knew of... had seen before... like the lady who always checks you out at the grocery store... the starbucks girl... that guy you see everywhere. people from highschool... friends of friends. then i saw andrey. he looked confused. not like himself. he was happy but a little nervous. i made my way through the crowd to him, grateful to see a face that i really knew. i remember saying to him, "where are we? isn't this weird? do you recognize all these people, too?" he just looked at me confused. like he couldn't place where he knew me from.
"let's just go, bub" i told him. i tried to grab his hand and he just put it in his pocket and started to back away from me. i was getting frantic. surrounded by strange people in a strange place and i wanted him to get me out of there. i grabbed his face in my hands and pulled myself close to him. "IT'S JUST ME! ANDREY! IT'S LINDSAY! WHERE'S LUCAS?! ANDREY! IT'S ME! LET'S GO!" he looked at me again, unable to place how he knew me, picked me up and moved me out of his way.
that's when i woke up.
the dream bothered me all day. how he didn't recognize me. what it felt like to just be someone in the crowd to him. how he didn't belong to me. how there would be no lucas and no others like lucas. what it would be like to not know that he talks in his sleep or that he makes a mean batch of fried potatoes.
it reminded me of the first time i saw him.
at the mall.
no cheesy love at first sight. just recognition. from all the people in the crowd i remember thinking, "i know that guy from somewhere"
i thought of telling him about it during his lunch phone call but i was too busy putting peanut butter on a sandwich and he had to get back to the roof.
when he came home that night, after dinner, after a baby was tucked safely in bed and he was settled into his spot on the couch dozing off to some sort of ball game on television, i climbed into his lap and whispered in his ear, "don't ever act like you don't know who i am. you scared me." i said. "don't ever do that to me."
he opened his eyes, looked at me like i was crazy and said,"lindsay, what are you talking about?!"

we are complete opposites. we clash. we argue. sometimes don't understand eachother. i don't know how we ended up together. but we did and i love him.
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what's a song on your soundtrack? how did you find it... and where does it come in?