new years eve. really?!
twenty-thirteen. sounds a little crazy.
the boys are so excited to open their letters from last year.
and i'm looking forward to sitting down with my husband 
as the clock counts down.
to plot the year ahead, together.

twenty-twelve felt a lot like treading water.
and this coming year we resolve to get things done.
make changes. and work hard.
we've got big plans for twenty-fourteen.

i'm getting ready to bundle up our kits right now. 
i grabbed some fancy gold foil seals today and stuffed a little paper sleeve with everything we'll need to fill out our lists and write a little letter to our future selves. there's also a special children's list just like years past for the kiddies to compare how they've grown and changed these last twelve months.

i love that you do this with me. 
it's so fun to hear that you'll be sitting down with these kits and your own families this evening, too.
happy new year, friends! 
love, lindsay

and many thanks to danyelle 
for her late night photo styling ideas/help from the labor and delivery wing!