all i need.

it's ten-thirty-eight pm.
am currently putting off climbing into bed.
procrastinating with blogs. and good music.

my winter insomnia has hit.
which means that even the most tiring of mothering days finds my head hitting the pillow around eleven o'clock each night and still wide-eyed and awake come one or two.

i catch up on my shows. my faves these days involving burly old men living off the wilderness in alaska. or burly bearded men who make duck calls for a living.

then i'll toss and turn and fluff my pillows.
under the covers? nope.
on top of the covers? nope.
maybe a glass of milk? nope.
a book? nope.

then i'll give up.

i'll just lay there.
eyes blinking up at the ceiling.
and my mind wanders.
the racing thoughts keeping me up at night are so silly, too.

eventually i'll feel a kiss on my forehead.
andrey leaving for work. it usually wakes me.
which means that somehow sleep does actually find me.

this until spring...
where my best and most delicious sleep hangs out.