On the 6th of October we arrived in Mexico, so excited and pumped to get back on the hucking programme.  After spending the night in crazy ass Mexico City, we headed to Veracruz. First creek on the hit list was Road Side, Alseseca


Gearing up and making our way to Veracruz

Running the put in drop, a clean 20ft (Road Side Alseseca)

Another shot of the put in drop (Image Tait Trautman)
Such a sick angle

 (Tait Trautman Photography)

Next on the hit list was the classic Big Banana Section, Rio Alsaseca. I was really fired up to put on this section and have a sweet day boating!!!

All the crew at the put in for Big Bannana section
(Imaged Tait Trautman)

Here is a sweet shot of myself and Rafa trying to get the timing right on the first clean 25ft
(Image Erik Johnson)

Fred, front on angle first clean 25ft

Silencio a clean 40ft, it was looking on the high side, but still good to go. We were all fired up and keen to send it, but we all opted out on running the entrance and went for the easy seal launch move. Smooth lines all round!!!!!
(Images Erik Johnson)

Still shot from river left (Silencio)

Erik Johnson sending Silencio

Running the first drop on Pesma Section below Big Banana Section
(Image Tait Trautman)

Still shot- free wheeling the freestyle drop Lower Pesma

King Hesh running Truchas 1 Alseseca. This one is not an easy one to get to. A nice 80ft  repel into the gorge. It was looking on the real low side but we were still all keen to send it.I took a massive hit and couldn't hand roll -  took my first swim of the trip!
(Image Tait Trautman)

Truchas 2, this stout lies about 300 meters below Truchas 1. This is the one that broke me and stopped me  paddling for the rest of the trip.It starts with a nice 15ft, which directly leads you into 60ft connected falls. Most of the crew fired it off with style. It was looking good to go and I was feeling fired up for this one. I felt like I was right where I wanted to be and just as  I was about to brace for impact I took a massive hit reconnecting onto rock.I knew straight away that I had done some damage to my lower back, I was instantly in pain. We all ended up having to hike out due to my sore ass back. It was a bit of a mission getting out of there. Big thanks to all the boys for helping me get out of there all safe and sound. Iker took me to a small little hospital in Talapacoyan. I got some X rays and they couldn't see any major damage. Still decided to lay low and didn't end up paddling for the rest of the trip!!

Kyle Hull  15ft entry drop

Kyle lining her up and having a sweet line!!!!

I thought I was where I wanted to be. But yeah must of been slightly of line as I ate shit and hurt myself!!!

Shot looking back up stream Truchas 2. Well that was the end of my trip, paddling wise.I was real gutted that I couldn't get back on the water. Still stoked I got good 6 good days boating in. Will be back next year for sure!!!!!

My favourite shot from the trip.Was stoked I got to run Tomata 1 before I hurt myself. This thing is not easy to style - totally vertical lip.We all had some crazy lines, boofs over the bars.
(Image Tait Trautman)

Erik Johnson sending it

Eric Parker running twisted pleasure 60 ft lower Jalacingo

Evan Garcia styling dirty Scanchez - Lower Jalacingo

Doing some filming in the streets of Talapacoyan

After 6 amazing months on the road paddling all around North America, Canada (BC, Alberta) and Mexico,  I decided to head home a little earlier than planned as the body wasn't feeling too good. I  felt the best decision was to come home and rest up. Just doesn't feel right to take large impacts off big ass waterfalls. Pretty gutted I had to cut my trip short and cancel my ticket to Chile.I think it was a good call in the long run. Can't wait to get back on the water and come back stronger.

A lot of the images  used on this update were shot by very talented Photographer Tait Trautman. We were lucky enough to have Tait tag along with us and shoot the most amazing photos. Check out his website- or Facebook page -

I would like to thank everyone who helped me out along the way. I very much  appreciate the help and  support of:

Garcia Family,Mike Sara, Evan, Ian
Rush Sturges
Wells Family
Christopher Mctaggart
Pete Lodge
Sam Ricketts
Iker Beristain Van Dusen
Erik Johnson
Eric Parker
Chris Madden
Fred Norquist
Rafa Ortiz
Beav Lodge boys
Amy Tipling
and anyone I forgot. I can't thank you all enough!!!

Huge thanks once again to Evan Garcia for letting me tag along with you on your epic adventures,you the man bro!!!

Bring on the NZ summer!!!!!!

Si wey