When The Mail Gets Lost

What you see above is my project for the next couple of days - 250ish envelope blanks ready for me to cut out, fold, and glue.  If you have received any mail from me recently, you might have seen the previous colors used in my envelope making endeavors.  I have stepped it up quite a bit with these, and these 8.5"x11" sheets of paper will be completely used in the process.  I can't wait to see the result!  I shall be an envelope making machine until some replies start coming in again.

Recently, a pen pal from Australia sent me a postcard meant to just check in and see how things were going since they hadn't heard from me in a while.  I looked in my records - I had sent a reply months previously.  I'm guessing that reply never made it to the land down under.  If you ask me, a dingo ate it.  But, in all likely hood, it has ended up somewhere in a dead letter office.  Actually, I've just learned that these are now called mail recovery centers.  Good to know.
But, I digress.  I got a little behind in my replies for the month of August and September,  and am almost completely caught up.  I even got to send letters to France and India for the first time!  I'm nearing my one year anniversary of this blog, and writing letters.  If you had asked me that this hobby would become such a large part of my life, I would have laughed.  But as any of my friends can tell you, they have even started asking "What's in the PO Box today?".  

Yesterday?  Nothing.  Let's hope something comes today!