books on books. on books.

today our errand running took us across town.
today was library day.
charlie heads straight for the mini computer.
gavin always - right to the books on tape.
and i start my hunt.
today we hit the children's book jackpot.

our book crate is full to the brim.
i remember being lovely little lindsay 
and my cathy would let us fill a laundry basket.
a laundry basket! 
full of library books!
the littlest boys are napping.
and i'm going to sit in the quiet and read this whole stack.
i love children's books more than i love grown up books.

today's finds:
numbers - orla kiely
little birds ABC's - piet grobler
bear dispair - gaetan doremus
people - blexbolex
up above + down below - paloma valdivia
looking at lincoln - maira kalman
otto carrotto - chiara carrer
clara and asha - eric rohmann
sweet dreams - rose a. lewis
tumford - nancy tillman