Lower Lewis Falls

Well a week or so back myself Olin and Brendon Wells decided to head to Lower Lewis falls for a little huck. The falls is around 35ft and really good to go at the right level.

The falls looking good to go stoked we had a good level.There is a little bit of a gnarly factor about the falls there is a really shitty pocket on hard river left what you wouldn't want to end up in pretty easy to stay well clear of just boof that shit!!!!

Olin scouting.The move is to boof the little weir right of centre which should set you up nicely for the falls

Olin lining her up!!

Showing nice form at the lip of the falls

Looking nice and steezy
Myself lining her up

About to air a fat boof

I decided that I didn't really want to mess with the cave so just just boofed the shit out of it ,got a little stomp.The hit was nice and soft happy days!!!

A really sweet shot at the pool below the falls (image Olin Wimberg)

Well stoked to tick of another sweet stout. Last year I was lucky enough to run the Upper Falls twice,the Upper Falls flows with high water and the Lower Falls you want low water!!!

Also big ups towards Brendon Wells who free wheeled the stout and styled it !!! (don't have any images)

Well stay posted for more updates

Heading back to BC in a week, cant wait!!!!