Card from LR :)

My 28th birthday is on Friday.  I don't tend to make a fuss about my birthday - financial issues in the family keep us from having any sort of big celebration, but I do get a nice dinner with family Friday evening after work.

I haven't really spoken about my birthday date with my pen-pals, save for a couple.  I don't really know why, but I just haven't.  Partly because I have been incredibly busy the past few weeks and have barely gotten a letter out this month.  Mostly because I don't want anyone to feel obligated to send me a card or note for my birthday.  (I know, I'm weird... )

I have a week of vacation time after my birthday.  Nine days in a row of not a single ounce of work that I have to do.  I shall spend the entire time getting caught up with my letters, as there are quite a few of them eagerly waiting for a reply.  I have lots of stories to tell!

I probably won't blog much during my vacation, but I will take photos of all my outgoing mail and post about it when I return to the world of the internet connected.  I hope you all are well!