Monday Mundanes

Much of last week at work was spent with a desk that looked like this.  Those black letter trays are usually crammed full of work that I need to deal with.  Instead, they laid empty and bare, and are the perfect image to accompany the large part of what last week was - dead.

I only received a couple pieces of mail. But, I did manage to finally get completely caught up in everything.  The typewriter, you see, helped me accomplish this, where my left arm has failed me. 

Some of you are fountain pen enthusiasts, and I will get your letters out in due time, but all when my RSI flare up calms down a bit.  The pain only comes when I hold something in my hand, typing is of no issue.

I compromised with the manual typewriter... I hope you dont mind!  I don't mind getting typed letters, and sometimes, they're easier to read than the person's handwriting.  I know mind can be quite sloppy at times, especially if I am in a hurry or am trying to quickly get my thoughts on paper.  Have you ever been so engrossed in a letter that you have forgotten what time it is and looked up later to see many hours have past?  I did on Saturday.  Nearly 6 hours spent typing one letter... and I didn't even know it.  If I had done the same with a pen, I wouldn't be at work today!

So, friends... what do you do when all of your mail is caught up?  I haven't had this happen before, so I'm kind of at a loss of what to do.  When you spend so many months always having something to reply to, it's kind of unnerving to see the inbox empty.

I did think of something that would be fun to do.  I have a bunch of small blank postcards - I thought I would send them in my mail to you for you to decorate, write on, color, paint, whatever.. .and then return to me.  Postage will be provided, of course.  I have a bunch of blank walls in my house, and I thought I would create an inspiration wall, something to look at in times of blankness, to pull energy from.  What do you think?

 Happy Monday, everyone!  I hope your mailboxes are full!