Fantasy Falls UNTOUCHABLES!!!!

Well here's a post of our trip we had down the fantasy Falls.This was my second time on this amazing high Serra run!!!
 Sam Sutton approaching the Untouchables.Sam was feeling fire up and keen to give this stout ass unrun section ago.Sam totally stomped the shit out of it and sold the line,You the man bro!!!
(Photo Mark Shackleton )
 Sam driving hard right and totally cleaning the line, winning!!! (Photo Mark Shackleton )

 Sam sold the line to Lars Lammer he walked straight to his boat and fire it of crazy ass swiss.Lars got pushed a little to hard left on the top drop but came out all okay!!!! (photo-Mark Shackleton )

Lars approaching the bottom drop.You want to try get as hard right as possible,but myself and lars got pushed hard left right into the guts of the big ass hole,we both managed to get flushed right out,stoked!!!! (photo-Mark Shackleton )

 I pushed a little to hard right of the top drop as you can see and aired a massive boof out and pulled it off!!! (photo-Mark Shackleton )

Try to get right but just ended up running right into the guts of the hole (Photo Mark Shackleton )

 Lars Lammer running one of the best boofs in the run!!!! Photo-Mark Shackleton
 Myself running fantasy Falls

Tyler Fox boofing the nice clean 15ft drop just below Fantasy Falls

Big ups towards Sam Sutton for sacking up and totally stying the Untouchables.Sam is on a totally different level from any paddler i no. One talented ass paddler!!!!

 stand by for some more California shit running updates