The Yellow Death

Call it a clever play on words if you must, but the south (and much of the country if I'm not mistaken) has encountered The Yellow Death.  Those microscopic particles of plant procreation that penetrate our defenses and leave many of us sneezy, watery, drippy, and just plain sick.  This is what happened to me this week, and as I recover, I am slowly but surely working through my pile of return mail.  Sadly, I haven't received anything other than postcrossing postcards. 

So, as I continue to get over the massive sinus seizure I had on Monday/Tuesday, I leave you with these pictures from a trip I took to Gibbs Gardens on the 18th.  I will be talking about the gardens more in the future, as well as in letters, so I wont spoil anything here.  You can click on the photos to make them larger :)

The first sculpture you see when you enter the gardens.
One of the many rambling paths in the gardens, with trees in full bloom.

One of the many ponds on the property.

Oh look!  A video!  We stood on this bridge for quite some time, and I think it might be my favorite views that I've seen in the gardens.  Turn up the speakers, I love the sound.

And last but not least - my outgoing mail from the 20th.  I played with the paints a bit more, and have really started to enjoy painting.  I have a lot to learn before it becomes "perfect", but I kind of dont want it to be perfect.  Beauty is in the imperfect.

There will be many more photos and much more to discuss about Gibbs Gardens.  I bought a season pass... and with my camera being willing, I will have lots of inspiration in the coming months.  Peace, tranquility, and the passion of Mr. Gibbs to bring this property to life over the past 30 years all add to the charm of the gardens.