Incoming/Outgoing 3-26-2012

Incoming - A postcard from Poland, a postcard from Utah, a letter from Sarala, a letter from Dawid, and a letter from Jim.
 Outgoing - a letter to James, a letter to Sarah, a letter to the Missive Maven, and a letter to Ryan.

Do any of you that decorate your envelopes ever feel guilty if you send out blank or non-decorated envelopes?  I've been in such a rut with work I haven't had much time to send any mail this week, let alone take the time to let the creative juices flow and work on some envelopes.  I'd rather send the mail than spend days (or even weeks) decorating envelopes to send out... but never having any time to actually fill them.  Ah well, I tend to over think things when stressed and this is one of those times.

We have a meeting tomorrow with a prospective client that I've been stressing about all week.  Once this is finished, the brain will relax a bit and I'll unwind.  But... until then...