Wednesday Rambler

I have written about the Holocaust Stamp Project on a couple of occasions.  The image you see to the right is what was waiting for me at work this morning.  A few hundred stamps I had cut off of envelopes that came across my desk, and a small jar of stamps that have been neatly trimmed to be ready for packaging.  At last count I was just over 400 stamps, and I'm sure I'm now well over 600 or 700.  I'm hoping to send off my first shipment of stamps to them this weekend, but I'm debating on waiting until my birthday (August 31), and will push to get donations from anyone and everyone I can speak to.  If you want to donate, just send a cancelled stamp or 2 (or 20 lol) to me.  I'm keeping a list of all of those I receive stamps from to be included with the package I send.  It doesn't have to be anything special, it just has to be a cancelled stamp.  And if you're going to mail me something anyway, why not? :)

Speaking of mail, these envelopes will be making their way to recipients today.  The internet was out at home, and I found myself with what felt like a metric ton of free time.  It's nice to finish off letters and get them all packaged and ready to go out.  If you have sent me a letter, a reply will come soon!  I have a burst of energy this week and I don't know where it came from. 

My only limitation now is physical - I think I over worked my hands over the weekend, and have had residual dull pain ever since.  I have started to pace myself even more - injuries are preventable, and I really didn't take care of myself this weekend. 

How is your week going?  I have to go clothes shopping sometime this week, and that is the one thing I hate most.  That's why it's now Wednesday and I've put it off long enough.