It's been a Good Day :)

Welcome to February!  I have been blogging now for a full month, and already, I can tell you that I am loving every minute of it.  It's always a joy to come home to a surprise in the mailbox, and today was a particularly good day for me.

This is my incoming mail for today.  It's been a rather quiet couple of days, but that time has allowed me to catch up in replies.  Here is a postcard from Derrick, a letter from a penpal in Louisiana, and another letter from Marian.  I love the stationery that my penpal in Louisiana seems to come up with - there's always something different :)  She was also the first Year of The Dragon stamp that I have seen in person.  I am so glad that I ordered some of those - they're really quite stunning.

Today, I also purchased a vintage typewriter from the Letter Writers Alliance.  I have been looking for one for a few weeks now, and knew I would be spending a pretty penny on getting one.  Surprisingly, there was one that I immediately knew that I had to have, and if I'm honest, I was refreshing the page every couple of minutes to be sure I could get it.  I'll have pictures of it up once I've been able to rearrange my room and properly set up my writing desk.  Right now I'm using my computer's desk , and somehow I just dont think that's going to be feasible soon with all the neat letter writing gadgets I'm finding.

This is my outgoing mail for tomorrow.  If you see your name, I hope you dont mind, but I did cover addresses.  (Well, except for Limner, but her address is posted on the front page of her blog.)  I didn't get the chance to decorate every single envelope I'm sending out, but I think it's a good start.  You can also see my brand new TWSBI Diamond 540 in Sapphire.  I have been waiting for this pen all week, and was so excited to use it when I got home that I spent the entire evening writing letters.  I bought the EF nib, and the ink I used was Noodler's Black Swan in Australian Roses.  I think the ink might be much better suited in a broader nib pen, as the extra fine really just made it an unusual shade of light reddish purple.  I don't like the color of the ink in this pen, but oh well.  I used it anyway!

I'm not sure if I'll be officially participating in the Letter Writing Month campaign.  I seem to be writing at least one letter a day anyway, and some days like today, four or five.  I might take the next few days off though, so I can prepare some more blank envelopes in the smaller size.  If you get an envelope from me that doesnt include the security printed liner, I made it by hand.  I ran out today, and haven't had a chance to make any more.

Book readers!  I have a request!  I have been really spending a lot of time with the Kindle app on my iPad, but I'm running out of ideas for books.  Do you have any suggestions?  I purchased the entire Hunger Games trilogy today.  I really am open to suggestions of any kind, as I will honestly read anything as long as it catches my interest.  I plan on going to my local library on Saturday, and I would love some ideas!