Who? What? When? Where? Why? HOW!

Sometimes, writing is a process that doesn't happen for me.  Take last night, for instance.  I had recorded and edited a YouTube video for one of my other hobbies, got out the Triomphe paper, inked up a pen... and nothing.  Not a single syllable would find it's way through my mind and into my fingers. 

I received a letter from Limner.  In it, she writes about mail art and how self expression is art.  I wanted to respond, as well as to respond to the other letters I have anxiously waiting for my reply, but as I said... there were no words.

So I started doodling on an envelope.  I will photograph it when it's addressed and ready to go out, but I came up with a theme that I like and plan to use in the future.  It was refreshing to just stop thinking about it and just going with the flow.  Ink was hitting the paper, but it wasn't words.

The creative process always intrigues me.  I watch YouTube videos of various people making everything from collages to paintings, operas to weird techno music.  I am fascinated with the method, and always ask how.  How did you choose this texture.  How did this melody play into this song.  How did you combine this and that to make that?  I'm exactly the same with words.  How do I convey this thought?  How did you learn that italic script?  How did the events of your day inspire this passage?

Today, Friday afternoon at 2:43pm.  How is your day going?  How do you plan on spending the weekend?  How is your mailbox treating you?  How's the weather?