Titles Don't Write Themselves!

I finally made it to the PO Box today.  I missed yesterday because I was honestly far too exhausted to do anything after work.  I might only be 27, but I was in bed at 8:30pm.  Yeah, tons of partying for me last night hah hah hah.  Anyway, Finally made it to the PO Box today.

Tadaa!  Two fresh bright shiney new letters for me to open!  Woohoo!  One letter was from a real life friend, Ryan, and the other was a rather large envelope from someone I didn't know.  Awesome!

The large letter was from Patty @ Just Letter Rip.  I love mail surprises!  Inside it, Patty sent a letter offering encouragement, and also some advice on using "whatever is lying around" in my mail.  I am all for recycling and reusing anything and everything I have on hand.  What I was not ready for, however, were the AWESOME hand made envelopes she included.

Thank you so much, Patty!  I definitely will be using these sometime in the future!  And, I must say, you served as inspiration, as I made my first envelope today.  I found an old Game Informer magazine in my car (I should dig deeper, there's a lot of old junk mail in there... long story, that), and the inside front cover was an advertisement for a game printed on this really awesome marbled lime green background.  Green is my favorite color, so it was a perfect choice for my first attempt at an envelope!  

It's a little rough around the edges, and my OCD is kicking in with the less than straight folds, but guess what?  It's an envelope that I made, and I will use it!  That makes it pretty much perfect if you ask me.  With the ideas I've been getting from Patty and the many other people I've discovered through this blog, I can't wait to start looking for more things to use.

My outgoing mail today included a reply to Stephanie, a quick thank you note to The Missive Maven (no need to respond, I know you're dreadfully behind on mail!), and one to the Letter Writers Alliance.  I would have included my first postcards for PostCrossing, but my $1 stamps haven't arrived yet.  Those will go out as soon as I get the stamps in.  I would take them to my local post office, but it's a very -very- small local post office, and the only stamps Post Mistress Holbrook can carry are books of forever stamps.  Everything else she does is printed with a postage meter.

My final goal for tonight is to transfer over my make-shift correspondence log to a more suitable application. I've decided on a 3-ring binder (seems like that's all I use, a force of habit I suppose), and a simple, but adaptable logging technique.  My thoughts are to keep track of who has sent me what, and what I need to send out.  Anything else is up in the air.  The binder will also allow me to remove and replace pages, and reorganize them as necessary.  I guess it doesn't hurt that I'm a huge office supply nerd, and a trip to Staples or Office Depot is always welcome.  Plus, if I don't have a way to organize the log at will, I'll be less likely to keep up with it.  My brain is a very weird place sometimes.

Write on, friends!