The Start of National Letter Writing Week!

Today marks the start of National Letter Writing Week.  My hope is to write one letter every day this week.  I also want to send a letter to everyone that follows this blog... that is, if I have or can find an address for you!  It's a busy week, I tell ya.

After a day of sitting in the dull, grey cubicle at work, and fighting through rain and fog on both commutes, I arrived to the post office to see this inside the PO Box.  The letter on the left with beautiful penmanship comes from Troy, who runs the blog Penpal from Northeastern Colorado.  He used a wax seal, and this is only the second or third seal I've seen in person.  And I'm even more interested in getting one of my own. He also included two sheets of paper that I was looking at today. Thank you so much for the letter, you asked a lot of questions and I will be replying soon!  (I just have to choose which ink to use LOL)

The giant yellow envelope was stuffed full of goodies!  Tons of paper and cards to play with, and some awesome stickers too!  This comes from Becky at Leaving a Paper Trail.  I must admit, I was taken back by the generosity!  I never would have expected anything like to come in, and I'm honestly a little lost for words.  I especially love the cards!

I am a very tactile person - I have to touch and feel everything.  That's part of my fascination with fountain pens.  Yeah, roller ball and gel pens are alright, but with fountain pens... you can actually feel the paper through the pen.  It's as if the pen is your instrument and the paper your ears.  Use them both together, and you can create beautiful music.  I've always loved writing, but it rose to a new level when I introduced fountain pens.

And the gifts of paper, cards and stationery from the two people mentioned here, along with the envelopes from Patty... it's so much of an encouragement.  I really wish I could describe it.  The best thing you can do for an artist is inspire them, and right now?  I am completely inspired!  Thank you all so much... it means a lot to me!  So, in honor of this year's National Letter Writing Week, I promise this... comment on this entry, send me an email, or @ me on twitter, and I will write you a letter.  What are you going to do to celebrate this week?