Sunday Summary

Good day, Friends!

I received this piece of mail from Marian.  She included a nice little note, as well as an awesome tip on where to find magazines and materials to use in mail art.  Thanks for the tip, Marian, and be on the lookout for a reply from me soon!

Today has been a rather quiet day in the North Georgia Mountains.  Waves of storms have blown through all day, leaving it rather foggy and damp.  We even lost power sometime in the night, which allowed me to sleep in a couple of hours as my alarm clock was reset.

Yesterday, I began experimenting with different papers and techniques in envelope making.  I don't really have anything to show you just yet, but I have had a lot of fun playing around with it.  My desk, normally a glossy black surface, is littered with remnants of glue and graphite.  I think a big majority of what I will produce are collages to practice with first.  I am fascinated with all the different techniques and styles there are to look at!

I spent most of Saturday writing replies to people.  As you can see here, I have letters going out to Ryan, D, Marian, Patty, and a pen-pal from the Fountain Pen Network, Jade.  I also have a post card going to a blogger that I found and really enjoy, wishing her well!

I also spent some time setting up my PostCrossing Album.  I'm glad I found a bunch of blank cards to use, as one person was asking for recipes!  The first 5 cards will be in the mail tomorrow, after a helpful tip from a blog reader here that I can use Forever stamps for international mailings.

I plan on hand drawing/coloring a lot of my PostCrossing cards.  I have looked -everywhere- locally to find some cards on the local tourist attractions, but haven't been able to find any.  As soon as we get a weekend without rain, I'll go take some photographs of some of the scenes and have some postcards printed from that.

What are your plans for the upcoming week?  Apart from work, I hope to make a few interesting envelopes I'm not too embarrassed to send out.  I'll also be stopping at the thrift stores and shops between home and work looking for ideas/supplies.  I stopped at a thrift store on Friday and managed to get something I had been looking for for about two months.  Brand new it would have costed me about $45, but I only had to pay $3!  I love a good bargain!

Until next time... Write on!