Sunday Summary - Jan. 29

I had a very good mail day yesterday.  A various mix of pen-pals from the FPN, the LWA, and readers of this blog.  I also got a letter from someone who had heard about my efforts on th FP Geeks podcast.  It surprises me where some people discover my blog, but it's awesome to find mail from places I've never thought of before.

The internet was off at my house for a couple of days.  I'm still not entirely sure why it was off, but it came back on today.  Not that I'm complaining, mind you.  I had plenty to do and was glad to have a weekend of very few distractions.  And as the return mail pile continues to grow, I'll need to learn to manage my time even more efficiently.

I plan on spending some time in the postage store at very soon.  I know I want the Year of The Dragon stamps, as well as some international rate and postcard rate postage.  I would love to get some of the Spectrum Eagle postage, but I really don't think getting required minimum amount would be a good idea.  I love the simplicity of those stamps, as well as the ability to match it easily to the envelope I'm using at the time.  I also want to get my own digital postage scale to alleviate some of the guesswork that I've encountered.  I have access to a postage scale at work, but I'd really like one for home use.

I've been pacing myself.  I had hoped to answer a majority of the letters I have received this weekend, but realistically, I can't do it.  During Letter Writing Week, I cranked out a -ton- of letters.  I think I sent out at least 35 letters that week, and to be honest, I don't want to do that again for a long time.  The quality of those letters was very much a result of the amount I wanted to send.  If I ever do that again, I will start well in advance to add some sort of substance to the letters.

This is my outgoing mail for tomorrow's post.  Two Postcrossing postcards - one to Joyce in the Netherlands, and one to Grant from Oregon.  Four letters are going out as well - an intro letter to a pen-pal selected for me by the LWA, a letter to a pen-pal that the LWA gave my address to, one to a new blog reader that sent a beautifully calligraphic letter, and the last one goes to PostMuse.

One thing that I can't always promise is promptness of replying.  I've been doing fairly well apart from the few international letters I've received.  But I do want to reply to everyone, especially those that I have never written.

I can only imagine how bloggers that get tons and tons of mail each day manage.  One day, maybe that will be me.  But as all of you so graciously said - the words will come eventually.  All I have to do is give them time!

I also passed an awesome milestone this week.  The first two of my original 5 postcards to PostCrossing finally made it to their destinations.  Delays, lack of finding a good source of postcards, and debating with myself over handmade/printed cards, I'm glad I finally got it all sorted out.

So this has been my week!  How was yours?!