we've had a few really good days.
and today was no exception.
...but it started too early.
and by four o'clock it had lost it's happy-go-lucky.

i was a tired and burnt out mom.

they were one-and-nearly-three-and-five-and-a-half-year-old boys.
they were c-razy.

and i got grumpy at lucas.
enough so that i felt i owed him an apology before bed tonight.
all he was today - was a wiley little boy - cooped up in january.
and i forgot that for a minute.
tonight i am grateful that he accepted my whispered i'm sorry.
with a simple i know. 

tonight i am grateful that i'll get to try again with him tomorrow.

tonight i am grateful for this journal of my thoughts.
the ones i've kept here on this blog consistently for all these years... because tonight i found this.

and he's five. already.