Ink Drop turned Ink River

This month's Ink Drop was a random assortment of the Rohrer & Klingner line of inks.  When writing my letters last week, I had trouble choosing which color to start with.  I eventually ended up putting all 5 of my samples into a bowl, mixing it up with my eyes closed, and pulling one out.  That sample was R&K's Verdigris, and has since become one of my top ink colors to use.  I enjoyed it so much, actually, that I bought a bottle of it straight away.  The R&K inks perform beautifully in the cheaper fountain pens.  I almost exclusively use Platinum Preppys, and these inks flow very well and don't experience any issues in them.  The Goulet Pen Company had a sale on ink samples, and I couldn't help myself.  I bought samples of every other R&K color that I didn't receive in this month's Ink Drop.  I suspect I'll be buying another bottle or two of the more unusual colors soon.. While I love my fountain pens, I am fascinated with ink.  The search for the right shade of ink to reflect the right mood is something I could spend hours on.

 In incoming mail so far this week, I have 3 letters from my FPN pen-pals.  I also have a letter from Stephanie, which opens like a book and includes a postcard from a store in San Francisco that caters to left-handed people.  I didn't even know this store existed, but I would love to get more postcards from it.  Perhaps a trip to San Francisco is in order?  I also received my first letter from the UK! Jim from A miscellany of sense and nonsense sent a card with an awesome photo of Lincoln Cathedral on the front.  The stamp that he used was very insteresting - from one angle, it's a profile of the Queen.  From another?  It's printed with the text "Royal Mail" over and over again.  I haven't seen a stamp like that before. Not pictured is a postcard from someone named Linsey who got my address from but I think I received it last week.  I honestly can't remember.

I don't have anything outgoing just yet - I have been completely brain dead after work for much of this week, and a proper response requires my full attention.  I will be starting to reply this evening as I wait for the new episode of Grey's Anatomy to come on.  Write on, friends!