An introduction of sorts...

Why write letters?  Because there is something beautiful in the written word.  Taking the time to put pen to paper also seems to add a more emotional connection to the words that are written.  At one time, the only way to communicate with someone far away was to write a letter, and even in this day of modern instant communication, I prefer this type of communication.  Some will find that funny, as I enjoy a very active online social life.

My first pen-pal was in third grade.  Teachers across the county would organize a pen-pal exchange, and once every two weeks, we would exchange letters with each other.  It opened my eyes to a world that I had known nothing about before hand.

I stopped writing anything by hand in high school.  Term papers, essays, and research all required large amounts of information, and it just became much more practical to digitize everything.  The amount of time I spent doing homework alone removed any chance of me even writing to enjoy it.  Now, in my adult years, I have a stable job and a decent income, I have some free time to divide among my various hobbies.  I decided that writing, and more specifically, letter writing, would be one of them.

And, just to prove that I have started this journey - this is a photo of the three letters I sent out today.  These are going to various parts of the country.  The envelopes look rather boring... I need to spice things up a bit.  In time, I will be a letter writing machine, adding class and humor to even the most boring envelope you can find - the white No. 10 business envelope.

This blog will be about my journey into letter writing, and everything that it includes.  Stationery, pens, and other assorted goodies.  And... soon... very soon... the documentation of an empire I shall create with just the written word alone.  Muahaha LOL