this kind of day.

it's raining outside. 
it was a downpour - now it's just a drizzle. 
and it doesn't smell like pretty rain - it smells like worms. 
and the sky is gray. 
this is not the good kind.
 it matches my mood. 
i woke up in one. 
and since it's raining - i can't escape the laundry pile.
not helping.

the only cure for this - is adventure.
and finding a good song to match. 
it's gonna be iron + wine. from around the well. i'm pretty sure.
and it's a good thing i've got the cutest plaid umbrella,
this side of the blue bridge.
'cause me and those gavi feets - we're going out. 
cath, get those rain boots on the big brown truck and headed this way. stat!