Ten on Tuesday

What's new with Lucas?

1. I've been home on medical leave for a week now until the baby comes. We're trying to avoid another premature birth, and I'm really glad that my doctor had enough insight to suggest that I stay home. I might be blogging a little bit more now too. :)

2. Lucas is so excited for his baby sister. I hope it continues. When I asked him the other night how he's going to help, he replied, "I'm going to change her diaper, help put her to bed, read her stories, and she's going to sleep over at Oma's house." Priceless.

3. In preparation for the big birth-day, Lucas has been spending the night at my parents' house once a week. It is the highlight of his week. I always ask ahead of time, and then make him call and ask too. I LOVE seeing him talk on the phone. It always amazes me, and I believe it always will.

4. I love Fall! I used to think Spring was my favorite time of year, but it's definitely Fall. I love the cooler weather (with a passion), and I love watching the leaves change colors. It's also the season of fairs, and pumpkin patches, and new vocabulary topics. I enjoy living in a part of the country that sees all 4 seasons.

5. Speaking of weather... this weather makes me want to spend time outside, as opposed to inside like during our humid summer. Lucas plays so nicely with our older neighborhood children, and we can just sit in the driveway, and watch him play from a distance. I'm so happy to live in our new house, and to be part of a nice little community. We've been in our house a little over a year now.

6. Last week was our town's annual farm show. Lucas has been looking forward to it all year. We told him that as soon as the leaves started to turn colors that it would be time for the farm show. Lo and behold... the leaves started to change and it was farm show time! He got to see cows, pigs, sheep, goats, alpacas, bunnies, and a few other animals. We went every day. Here's a picture from the festivities:

7. I've been enjoying my (rest) time at home, but I'm also taking advantage of celebrating autumn with little Lucas. We decorated the house, and last week we made "Halloween" cupcakes to share with his neighborhood friends. He was so proud of these!

8. Our little fish is taking learn-to-swim lessons at a local retirement community. We're going to continue through the winter. I'm so incredibly thankful for the ability to waterproof his CI, as lessons would not go as smoothly without him being able to hear. During the first class, I decided not even to mention to his instructor that he's deaf. I wanted to see how he would do. Other than the swimming cap (which is a little strange for a 3-year-old, but not too out of the ordinary), his CI was not visible, so no one knew his little "secret". Admittedly, it was kind of nice to not have immediate looks or questions. He did pretty well, but it was apparent that he would need some minor accommodations so it doesn't appear that he's just ignoring his instructor! The indoor pool area echoes excessively, and she really needs to be within close proximity to him (and his microphone for that matter) for him to hear her well. She was surprised when I told her, and very happy to accommodate.

9. One month ago, we welcomed the newest addition to our extended family, my niece Audrey! She is Ryan's little sister, and was born healthy and full-term. Lucas and Ryan are a month apart, and now Audrey and our baby girl will be about a month or so apart too. And no, we didn't plan it that way, but we're so excited about it! Our boys are great buddies, and we hope that the girls will grow up to be great friends also.

10. I'm 36 weeks pregnant today, and it's quite a milestone to have reached! I'm now a few days past the point when I delivered Lucas. Every day we are one step closer to bringing home a healthy baby girl! Here's a photo of me with Lucas a little over a week ago. Let the FINAL COUNTDOWN begin!