right now:

this is very quickly becoming my favorite time of the day. 
my time. 

am loving:
 ryan adamswithout the cardinals. 
it's like finding a long lost friend. 
mmmm. missed that voice.
and it's full of A-plus-L-equals-true-love dancing songs.

am loving:
cath's new space
can't wait for her to fill it with new words. 
and loved the one-in-the-morn phone calls until we got it right. 

am loving:
my husband back to building houses. and not apartments. 
we can breathe again.
and he comes home happy from a day spent doing work that he really truly loves. 
that is so lucky.

am loving:
the peaceful light.
the lamp on at eight o'clock in the evening.
the curtains drawn.
my favorite part of these few cozy months.

am loving:
feeding my family. good food.
food from my own stovetop. 
from my own warm oven.
and discovering that i can. 

we call these russian donuts 'round here.
only andrey actually says something like donuts in russian.
he says they're just like some sweet little pastries that his mom used to make.
...and he'd hide them in his pockets.
i've been stuffing my own boys' bellies up with them. 
hoping that they'll remember them too, someday.