little fox. eleven months.

we went through a long list of names before settling on charlie. 
and an even longer one before we came to charlie grey. 
he was almost harper. 
we rolled the two around in our hearts for days after he was born. 
said them both out-loud. over and over and over again. 
in the end - the decision was mine. 
i played it this way:
if he was charlie - would i miss harper? 
if he was harper - would i miss charlie? 
i missed charlie more. 
i had a dream about a red fox when this little bub was growing in my belly. 
and every time i imagined him after that, i pictured his sly foxy totem. 
his almost middle names: true, red, fox, wild or blue. 
decided on: grey. because of the gray morning rain on the day he was born. 
and well... because it just sounded so. very. handsome. 
i should have gone with fox. or wild. or red. 
his dark baby hair has slowly faded to strawberry. here to stay.
this boy has a wild heart. and i knew it all along. 
it thumped his wild heart message to me while i dreamt and he grew.
this little red fox of mine. 

wild fox photo by Dave AC